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Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

Nearly 2,000 children die annually in and around the home from accidental injuries. Nearly 80% of those deaths are preschool aged children. Preschoolers are at increased risk for these injuries because of their natural curiousity, lack of fear, and poor impulse control and judgement. Fortunately, Educational Adventures has created preschool activities that empower preschool children with knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe, therefore preventing injuries and fatalities. Below you will find safety tips, activities, videos, songs and other resources for your prechool child.

Here are a few tips for preschoolers to stay safe at home:

Pills are NOT candy. Only take medicine when an adult gives it to you.
Climbing on or pulling down on furniture can be dangerous. Always ask an adult for help if something is out of reach.
Always play in the yard- far away from streets or driveways where there might be cars.
Never play with matches. If you find some, tell a grown-up right away. Only adults should use matches and light candles.
Walk, never run, with sharp things such as scissors, sticks or pencils.
Have fun and keep safe during your pre-school activities!

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