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Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Safety for Kids

The Danger Rangers are on a mission to reduce preventable child injury by empowering kids and their parents with practical safety information. For example, simple tips like teaching kids to never hide from a firefighter, or keeping matches out of children's reach can significantly reduce the risk of fire-related deaths. Use the tips, activities and products below to make fire safety fun for your kids!

These fire safety tips will help kids stay safe!

If you hear the smoke alarm go off, smell smoke, or see a fire, get out of the house first and then call 911.
Never play with matches. If you find some, tell a grown-up right away.
Plan and practice a family fire escape plan. Know two ways out of every room and learn the designated place outside your home to meet after you escape.
Never go into a burning building, even if it's your own house. It's very dangerous.
When inside, never hide. Firefighters are your friends!
Kids, remind your parents to change the batteries in your fire alarm twice a year!

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